How to Choose the Best Farmer’s Market Scale

Farmers Market

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there are more than 8,000 farmer’s markets operating in the United States and listed in the National Farmers Market Directory. The USDA credits farmer’s markets with accounting for a large portion of the more than $11 billion made in local and regional food sales in 2011 alone, making…

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Weighing In for Optimal Harvest Management

Harvest Management

It’s important for farmers and agricultural producers to invest in accurate, reliable agriculture scales or weighing systems to determine the exact weight of their harvested product and, thus, the actual profitability of their yields. Although every farmer can benefit, high-volume farmers especially need accurate crop yield data. Having the right harvest weighing system can provide…

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When Do You Need an Explosion Proof Scale?

explosion proof scale

If you work with hazardous materials or equipment, safety needs to be a top priority. In 2015, 38 reported fatalities and catastrophes involving an explosion or fire occurred[1].  Of those occurrences, 61 people were killed. Your company needs to ensure that you can handle materials in the safest way possible. If you transport hazardous materials, then…

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