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Get the most out of your scale. Our indicators span from simple weight display units to complex, fully
programmable indicators that can store, analyze, and transmit data to a variety of applications.

B-Tek DD Series

DD Series

DD Series terminals combine computer programming power and flexibility together with the measuring requirements of a weighing instrument.

BTek T400 Series

T400 Series

T-Series indicators provide the perfect mix of rugged, versatile and programmable performance at an affordable price point for all weighing applications.

World Weigh BWS

Battery Powered Indicator

The WorldWEIGH BWS indicator is ideal for general weighing and simple check-weigh applications all while being battery-powered, rugged, and affordable.

B-Tek D70es

D70ES Multi-Functional Analog Indicator

The D70ES is the most versatile indicator in its class. It possesses the power to deliver simple and advanced functions across a vast array of applications, all while being extremely easy to program and operate. Inclusive of powerful functions such as Truck I/O, it's the only indicator in its class that fits most needs on everything from bench to floor to truck scales.

B-Tek T103

T103P Indicator

The T103P indicator is ideal for general weighing and simple parts counting applications. Ready for use in production, packaging, warehouse, inventory, and shipping/receiving areas. Perfect for bench and floor scale applications.

B Tek T503W

T503W Indicator
Power Supply

The B-TEK Impact indicator (T503W indicator) combines innovation in industrial design and engineering excellence to create an instrument that is ideal for use in applications that require reliable operation in harsh environmental conditions. The B-TEK Impact indicator is a washdown indicator.