Brechbuhler University

Training and Development

We take training and development seriously. The scale industry is a unique professional trade where most of what is needed to be known isn't taught in school. In order to best service our customers, we place all of our Field Service Technicians through our training program. Our program consists of 4 levels.

  • Apprentice Techs

    Our Apprentice Techs (AT) are new to the scale industry and are just learning the trade. AT's will need to complete a 90-day online training regimen, 1 week-long in-person training, and demonstrate their competency across multiple dimensions before being ready to sit for our Certified Scale Tech Test.

  • Certified Scale Technicians 

    Our Certified Scale Techs (CST) have demonstrated their ability to competently evaluate and diagnose many scale-related issues. Continuous training at this level includes another week-long hands-on advanced training, online courses, and increased focus on customer interactions.

  • Senior Certified Scale Technicians

    Senior Certified Scale Technicians (SCST) are some of the most competent scale professionals we have. They have demonstrated their technical prowess as well as being adept at customer relationships, complex weighing applications, advanced communications, and are true to our core values.

  • Field Service Engineers

     Field Service Engineers (FSE) is a jack of all trades. This level operates across the business in key positions acting as the right-hand man to Management, Sales, and Admin. An FSE has extensive knowledge in not only advanced scale technology but also niche or specialty areas. At a minimum, this person will have 7 years of experience and be used as a key resource across our organization.

Learn About Our Training Program

We feel we have the best training program in the industry.  Hear from some of our Certified Scale Technicians about how Brechbuhler University helped prepare them for their career.

Never worked on scales before?  No problem.  Most Apprentice Technicians have never worked on scales or were familiar with our industry.

Our Field Service Levels

Our Training Includes:

  • in person training icon

    In-person weeklong training

  • repairs icon

    Hands-on calibrations and repairs

  • knowledge icon

    Basic to expert scale knowledge/ understanding

  • online training icon

    Further online training

  • checkins icon

    Field mentors and benchmark check-ins