We have a rental fleet spanning 5 states consisting of truck, floor, counting, and other types of scales. Our experts deliver, install, and train you on how to use the rental equipment ensuring your success.

Rental scales are a cost-effective means of lowering capital expenditures and up-front costs. Our fleet covers everything from counting scales to heavy-duty portable truck scales.

Multi axle weigh bridge

Counting Scale Rentals

Counting scale rental can help you during inventory counts and turns where you need a cost-effective way of measuring product. Our technicians can deliver, set up, and monitor your inventory process to ensure an accurate count.

Floor Scale Rentals

We stock and carry floor scales at each of our locations. Our floor scale fleet consists of standard 4 x 4 - 5,000 lb. floor scales with digital indicator output. We do have other sizes available but these are by request only.

Crane Scale & Dead Weight

Temporary heavy lifts or safety testing with dead weights can be done with a crane scale or dead weight.  We carry over 200,000 lbs. of weight available for rent.  

Other Scale Rentals

We also rent forklift scales, crane scales, and balances. While these aren't the only instruments that are available, you will need to contact your local branch to learn about our full range of weighing equipment and rental selection.