Baggers and Super Sackers

These machines are designed to package powders, flakes, granules, and pelletized type materials for transport in a wide variety of industries. Bags can range in size/capacity from small (20-100 lb.) to larger bulk bags and sacks. (1000-4000 lb.) These systems can be designed to operate manually, semi-automated, or fully automated and can be a simple single-speed filling design, or complex multispeed filling machines with bag vibratory hardware, hydraulic bag raising/lowering, and various other enhancements.

Materials include:

  • PVC Powder and Pellets
  • Cement and Lime
  • Flour and Sugar
  • And more…

It has been our experience over the years that most clients in all industries experience some degree of problems (or pain) with some system or process within their facility. That pain can be:

  • Financial in that they are spending too much time and money on a legacy system that needs updated or replaced.

  • Productivity in that the system they are using may no longer be performing as efficiently as it once did due to changes or enhancements in operations.

  • Support-related in that they are not receiving cost-efficient, timely, or satisfactory support.