Floor scales differ from their counterparts in the most obvious way - they are designed to be placed on the floor.  The most notable benefit of this is the ability to have larger, heavier scales that can perform every day through the toughest jobs.

With higher load capacities and more space in general, they can handle the biggest workloads with ease. Our commercial floor scales are highly durable and can withstand years of work without needing constant maintenance, making them a great option for highly active spaces that need to use scales every day.

You can find many options within our collection of industrial floor scales. At the most general, platform scales provide a simple, economical balance that can fit just about anywhere. With a minimalistic design, they are easy to install and intuitive to use, making them a great choice for quick, easy measuring. Additional mobility options are also available, from handlebars to wheels that will help you transport your balance around without hassle.

For a more intricate solution, cargo scales take some time to install and set up, but provide the highest level of work, allowing you to reliably measure the weight of everything from large shipments of cargo to entire vehicles.

Clydesdale Floor Scale

Portability Solutions


Portable Hopper Scales

Perfect for fertilizer and grain applications that need portability.  Our Hopper Scale has a capacity of 1,000 lb. and comes with a weight indicator with a rechargeable battery, stainless steel housing, and LCD backlit display.


Portable Weigh-A-Round

General industrial portability is sometimes needed.  We offer portable solutions with inboard wheels for point-to-point straight-line mobility with optional rear mount swivel casters for increased maneuvering.  This scale can accommodate a weight indicator and a printer for a complete solution.

Weigh Bars

Portable Weigh Bars

Weigh bars are often found in farm and animal applications. However, they can also be adapted for industrial uses that are not practical for regular platform scales. 

Our Offerings

Clydesdale Floor Scale

Floor Scales

Designed for use in variety of industrial, commercial and agricultural applications

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Drum Scale

Drum Scales

Low-profile weighing surface ideal for pallet jacks, dollies, wheeled carts and storage drums rolled on end

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Patient Scales

Patient Scales

This scale is for weighing dialysis patients before and after treatment on foot or by wheelchair

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Lift Deck

Lift Decks

Ideal in heavy washdown environments, such as chemical plants, zoos, veterinarians, and food processing plants

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Rocker Column

Low-profile scale that uses suspension style weighing while utilizing a self-aligning load cell, resulting in more precise accuracy

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Cargo Scale

Cargo Scales

Found at freight companies and cargo hubs for all major US Airlines

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Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Perfect for applications that require high-pressure washdown or deal with caustic chemicals. For tough applications we can also galvanize your scale.


Heavy Duty

Designed for the most extreme industrial weighing applications

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Custom Engineered Turnkey Solutions




You will meet with one of our trained staff to evaluate the need for a custom engineered solution.




We have a direct relationship with our manufacturer. This allows us to work hand-in-hand with the engineers responsible for your application.




Upon drawing completion, you will work with one of our experts to rewiew details and answer any remaining questions.

scale service



Depening on the type of installation, one of our crews will finalize the experience by providing the installation, setup, and testing of your new scale.