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We offer balance solutions from Ohaus, A&D, Adam Equipment, and Sartorius


Balances aren't all created the same. Readability, repeatability, and tolerances all can add up to lost revenue. Make sure you understand what accuracy your application requires before choosing a balance.


Selecting the proper balance for your application is extremely important. We have provided balance solutions to a variety of different types of customers across many verticals. Contact us today for a free consultation on what would work best for your application.


Do you need to connect disparate systems and share data from weighments? Many balances offer popular protocols for sharing data. Our Systems department can help engineer a data solution for your team.

What we do

We make sure to source only from highly reputable manufacturers.  We stand behind what we sell. When you buy from Brechbuhler Scales, instead of an online retailer, we will make sure to set up the balance, test it, and go over everything you need to know prior to use. We find this gives our customers peace of mind in their investment.

Over time your balance will need maintenance. We offer several different types of preventative maintenance plans. All of our weights are NIST traceable to provide high accuracy.

analytical balance
mechanical balance

Mechanical Balances

Perfect economical or academic solution. The Ohaus mechanical balance IS the standard

precision balance

Precision Balances

Precision balances offer higher readability for a more precise measurement

mass comparator

Mass Comparators

This piece of essential equipment for many settings offers coherent measurements of mass for weight verification purposes

moisture balance

Moisture Balance

These balances help you measure the moisture in your samples

micro balance

Micro Balances

These instruments are capable of measuring down the millionths of a gram

compact balance

Compact Balances

Portable, pocket-sized, and economical solutions

analytical balance

Analytical Balances

Used in research and laboratory environments

Fortune 500 companies trust us for their balance maintenance and repair. Learn how our preventative maintenance solutions can save you money and increase the life of your investment.

Scientist Moisture Balance

Our Skills and Expertise

If you need precision in a tight space, check out our compact and micro balances. For extra precision in a wider range of applications, traditional mechanical balances are available as well. You will find the perfect option for your needs within our great selection. We have provided quality machines to schools and businesses around the country for years, and are ready to help you take precise measurements quickly and easily today!

We have carefully chosen the highest quality scales from top brands to ensure you always have the best technology on the market. With the highest level of precision and reliability, you will enjoy your equipment for years to come. From businesses to schools to labs, our scales will get the job done quickly and easily.