Find a scale for any application within our great collection of wheel scales. We have industrial size and strength options that can handle just about any vehicle, from 10,000 to 50,000 pounds per unit. Link together multiple scales to handle the biggest jobs. Up to six units can be connected, providing you the ability to weigh multiple wheels or axles at once. Not only will they make the job easier, but they will also ensure accuracy by providing a level surface to measure from.


One of the most defining features of our quality wheel weigher scales is their easy portability. Weighing 50-80 pounds, they are easy to move, giving you the power you need to take measurements anywhere you need them. With a thin frame and efficient design, they provide the power you need without being bulky and cumbersome. This means that you can get the precise, quick measurements you need anywhere you need them.


We provide high-quality equipment that provides the highest level of precision and accuracy so that you can meet the standards you need and prevent overloading vehicles every day. With an easily rechargeable battery, they will provide extended use and remain reliable for years to come.

Wheel Weigher Scales

For an easy to use, portable solution to your wheel and axle measuring needs, check out our great selection of powerful wheel weigher scales. These wheel scales are designed to be as lightweight as possible while providing a slim, low profile design that is easy to transport and use. Our wheel weigher scales will give you precise, accurate results in seconds, so you can get the reliability you need to ensure your wheels and axles meet standards and regulations.