NEXIA Remote Monitoring

The Benefits of NEXIA Remote Monitoring and Diagnostics Software

Purchasing a truck scale for your business is a big investment. Whether you’re in the agriculture, waste, or recycling business, there can always be scale issues that interfere with efficiency. To ensure your scale is working properly and there’s little downtime, you’ll need to run diagnostics. NEXIA is a cloud-based software solution created to make your life easier.

What is NEXIA?

To start, let’s go over what NEXIA is. Simply put, it’s a remote monitoring software that will run real-time diagnostics on your truck scale. It’s designed to limit downtime and send alerts about issues as fast as possible.

Since NEXIA is cloud-based, you’ll be able to access diagnostic reports, and information about your scale’s performance from anywhere. NEXIA will save you time, money, and headaches regarding your truck scale.

With NEXIA, you’ll know when there’s an issue as soon as it happens. You will have full insight into your scale’s performance no matter where you are. The data can be easily exported into existing systems and software that you use within your business, as well.

What do you get with NEXIA?

NEXIA provides several services within the remote monitoring software making it user-friendly. Analyzing diagnostic data can be difficult enough, so accessing it should be simple.

Access Portal 

NEXIA provides users with a 24/7 secure access portal. Since it’s cloud-based, the access portal can be accessed from anywhere to keep an eye on your truck scale’s performance. You’ll be able to quickly see what’s going on from trends to scale abuse issues.

The access portal also allows users to generate, export and share performance reports. This will come in handy for planning maintenance ahead of time.


Remote monitoring software like NEXIA provides technicians with information ahead of time so they arrive at the job site prepared. They’ll know exactly what equipment they need to repair your truck scale.

Technicians can also use the data provided by NEXIA to isolate problems before they begin. Hardware can be replaced before it has malfunctioned. NEXIA also provides technicians with recommended solutions to solve the problem, as well.

Alert System

One of the best parts about remote monitoring software such as NEXIA is that it provides real-time alerts. These preventative alerts will inform your scale service provider about an outage as soon as possible. This will decrease downtime.

Abuse monitoring alerts will let your scale service provider know if someone is overloading the scale or breaking too hard. This is crucial to ensuring minimal downtime and preventing damage.


You’ll also receive friendly maintenance reminders through NEXIA to maintain your warranty and make sure your truck scale stays in tip-top shape.

Try NEXIA today 

Ready to streamline your truck scale up-time? Try NEXIA today. The cloud-based remote monitoring software gives you access to data no matter where you are. You’ll be able to increase the lifespan of your scale with proper maintenance and troubleshooting problems the minute they arise.