Belt Scales

Belt Scales

We sell, service, and calibrate belt scales from almost every manufacturer like: Tecweigh, Bulkpro Systems, and Loadrite.

In-Motion Weighing

Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. offers in-motion scale installation and implementation services.  In-motion scales are more complex than traditional straight weigh applications and require a higher level service technician to properly install, calibrate, and service.  Learn more about why your in-motion application should be setup properly by trained technician.

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Grain Loadout Systems

We have years of experience in popular farming, food, and aggregate applications that involve bulk filling, load-out, and more. Not sure what you need? Make sure to contact us to setup an appointment so you know your options.

  • Loader Scales

    We distribute B-TEK railroad scales that comply with AAR (Association of American Railroads) and the AREA (American Railway Engineering Association). Brechbuhler Scales can also offer truck and rail scale combo scales that allow customers to weigh rail cars as well as trucks. Additionally, we offer coil car scales for heavy capacity and custom applications.

  • Filling & Batching Applications

    Reliable and consistent weighing is a must in filling applications. Your product and it's weight is your business. Our experts will work with you on choosing the right scale, readability, and repeatability for your most optimal results.

  • Axle Scales

    Industrial scales such as bench, floor, checkweighing, and shipping platform scales are common scales most businesses use for every day needs. Brechbuhler Scales is unique compared to other distributors in the fact that a customized solution (fit, finish, capacity) can be delivered to meet existing spacing or requirements. We also sell, service, and repair popular brands from: B-TEK, Ohaus, Intercomp, and more.

Belt Scales
Belt Scales

Belt scales are very difficult to work on and calibrate effectively. This is why you should not choose a scale company that doesn't have experience on the equipment. We have many belt scale experts in our company that work on all major brands.

Providing superior scale weighing solutions and customer service through high quality personnel.


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