Batching & Filling Solutions

Batching & Filling Solutions

Batching & Filling applications come in many shapes and sizes. We can help you improve quality and consistency while increasing efficiency!

Automated Solutions

We can supply many different types of automated solutions using our programmable indicators or PLC (programmable logic controllers)

We can supply Basic level control, stock/inventory control, batching and blending, recipe formulation, loss in weight, bulk discharge weighing, and filling and decanting.

  • Recipe Controllers

    We offer controllers to help guide users through an intuitive recipe process. We offer programmable as well as PLCs.

  • Filling and Decanting

    We have years of experience and satisfied customers that separate liquids or fill liquids inside drums or other containers.

  • Batching & Blending

    Ingredient process control has to be accurate and cannot hold up your line. Contact one of our experts today to learn more.

  • Load Cells

    Brechbuhler Scales offers a full line of mounting assemblies and industrial load cells. We offer pre-calibration for quick install.

  • Loss in Weight

    If you need to measure loss in weight for your applications let our weighing experts devise the appropriate solution.

  • Bulk Discharge

    Bulk discharge can be used to capture product into bags and then trigger other actions inside your operation.

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Performance & Accuracy

Accuracy of a batching or filling application is essential and pivotal part of your solution. Accuracy is defined in terms of 1 parts per 1000 is an accuracy or uncertainty of 0.1%.

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Our systems engineers use the latest technology and controllers to monitor, control, and add the flexibility to run a multi-faceted filling application.

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Load Cells

Selecting the correct of load cell is crucial and needs careful consideration. Vessel restraint, lift-off protection and overload protection are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.

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Brechbuhler Scales offers calibration services on many popular batching and filling solutions.

Providing superior scale weighing solutions and customer service through high quality personnel.


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