Our industrial shipping scales have been selected for their ease of use and precision, ensuring you always know the exact weight of your product without hassle so that you can control costs with ease. Both AC adapters and battery powered units are available, providing reliability or freedom depending on your needs. Most battery powered options have automatic shut off timers and are capable of many hours of use, making them fine options for any light to medium volume application.


There are many different features that will help you narrow down your choice to the perfect option. Our digital shipping scales have various specifications that help them accommodate anything from large industrial freight to common commercial shipments. Capacity ranges from 10 to 400 pounds, with readability from .005 to .1 pounds.


If you consistently weigh smaller objects, a more compact scale is possible and will help you save space while having an easier to transport tool. For larger jobs, getting a scale that can accurately measure heavy shipments is still simple, and we have many options capable of weighing heavy duty objects.


Large floor scales are simple to use and provide a great surface for the largest shipments, making your weighing effortless.

Washdown Scales

For commercial and industrial businesses, being able to quickly and precisely measure weight is an essential part of everyday life. Postal shipping scales are an important tool for accomplishing this task, delivering accurate weights so that you do not get overcharged on transportation. 

If you are in a high volume situation, even slight miscalculations can add up over time to cost you a fortune, so taking the time to get a high-quality scale that meets your needs can pay off in the long run.