Test Stands

With motorized and mechanical options, we have all the force test stands you need to ensure you have the proper equipment to handle any job. Find the highest quality products on the market with our great collection and ensure you have reliable, accurate machines that you can count on every day.

Motorized test stands are the perfect option for ease of use and flexibility. With the ability to handle a variety of applications from medical devices to plastics, textiles, electronics, and more, you will get everything you need in one great package. Computer connectivity is optional, giving you the ability to choose a simpler model that is quick to learn and easy to use, or get the additional benefit of transporting data to spreadsheets for secure storage. Whatever your needs, you will find a great option that will get the job done quickly!


Mechanical and manual test stands offer a more specialized role, performing a variety of tasks quickly and easily and at a more economical price. Capable of handling a variety of force applications from tensile strength to compression, impact, torque, and more, you can find a model that fits the exact specifications you have and provides instant, accurate readings with ease. Traditionally smaller by design, these machines can be used just about anywhere, giving you the portability and flexibility you need to save workspace and get the job done!