Custom Digital Solutions

Custom Digital Solutions

Complete custom digital packages from start to finish. Helping to improve accuracy, up-time and troubleshooting. From Truck to Farm and Touchscreen to Mobile and everything in-between.


In addition to our scale solutions, Brechbuhler Scales, Inc offers customer system and software solutions for seamless integration into your weighing process.

Software Solutions
Software Solutions

We can custom design a software solution to fit your weighing project. From viewing data to mobile reports, weighing applications and user management; Brechbuhler Scales has the experience to get the job done; with the peripherals to match.

General Purpose In/Out can allow for easy access to physical push buttons and switches such as, ZERO, TARE, SELECT, E-STOP, JOG and more.


Our web solutions can allow for remote data viewing from a multitude of devices. As well as device management and updating data right from your browser.


Ease the pain of manually keying in information when bar codes are available. Part numbers, modules and users are just of the data that could be turned into a barcode. With wired or wireless scanners available.


Wireless track inventory, trucks, trailers and more with RFID tags, stickers, cards and other options. We can integrate with your existing RFID system or get you set up with a new or separate interface.



Incorporate visual and audio prompts with scoreboard systems and speaker modules. Stack lights, stop lights, alphanumeric, indoor and outdoor systems are available to be customized to meet your needs.

Whether your scale head (indicator) is a dumb terminal or an advanced touchscreen device; all we need are the 6 digit weighing number to create a customized software application. Mobile, web or desktop solutions are available.