Moisture balances work with the “loss on drying” method. This classic procedure involves weighing a sample, heating it in an oven, cooling it, and then weighing it again. If the sample is mainly comprised of water, this gives a good indicator of the moisture content. However, this method takes hours to complete. That is why automatic balances have been developed.


With a built-in heating element, they rapidly heat a sample and compute results in real time, providing you with a moisture analysis in minutes.  From multiple measuring programs to memory for storing products and settings, this equipment will help save you time and stress every day.


Digital construction provides for a highly durable and efficient option, capable of self-calibration and lasting for years on end.


Moisture Analyzers

Easy to use and highly versatile, moisture balances are a great tool for many industries. From food to paper to plastics to chemicals and more, many industries rely on these powerful scales every day.