These tools will allow you to measure and maintain just about anything with ease. Digital monitors with wireless remote controls are very easy to use and convenient, helping you get the job done quicker. This makes them perfect in high action environments. We also have larger models that can handle the toughest jobs, with large capacities that make them perfect for industrial sized tasks. 


Digital crane scales will make your life easier by helping you make measurements quicker and with less stress. With accuracies as low at .2% or better, these tools are as precise as any standard force gauge and will give you readings you can rely on every day. With durable aluminum design, they can hold up to the rigors of industrial use and withstand the abuse of highly active environments.


This means that our crane weighing scales will continue to perform, years after their first use!

Crane Scales

Find high quality, durable crane scales when you shop from our great selection of options. Overhead weighing is a very useful feature for any facility, giving you the power to test and weight a large variety of objects.