Turnkey Solutions

Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. offers heavy capacity scale solutions from B-TEK and other quality manufacturers. Contact our heavy capacity experts for a free evaluation on calibration services or product offerings. Contact Us

Our Turnkey Solutions

  • Intallation

  • We can ship, deliver and install a scale installed in less than a day in some cases.

  • Testing & Calibration

  • Preventative maintenance is essential. Our PM programs will ensure your scale stays in calibration.

  • Maintenance

  • Jack & Grease and periodically cleaning out your pit or foundation is very important. This can be one of the main trouble areas for scales.

  • Integration

  • Integration into existing scale management software solutions and accounting packages (Quickbooks, Oracle, SAP, etc.) is available.

Need Help

We've helped hundreds of business owners with designing and selecting the right scale solution for their application. Cost concerns...Cheaper made competitor scales can lead to increased service/repair costs. Be informed before making a large investment.

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