Batching & Filling Solutions

Batching & Filling applications come in many shapes and sizes. We can help you improve quality and consistency while increasing efficiency!

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We can supply many different types of automated solutions using our programmable indicators or PLC (programmable logic controllers)

We can supply Basic level control, Stock/inventory control, Batching and blending, Recipe formulation, Loss in weight, Bulk discharge weighing, and Filling and decanting.

  • Performance & Accurace

  • Accuracy of a batching or filling application is essential and pivotal part of your solution. Accuracy is defined in terms of 1 parts per 1000 is an accuracy or uncertainty of 0.1%.

  • Systems

  • Our systems engineers use the latest technology and controllers to monitor, control, and add the flexibility to run a multi-faceted filling application.

  • Load Cells

  • Selecting the correct of load cell is crucial and needs careful consideration. Vessel restraint, lift-off protection and overload protection are several factors that need to be taken into consideration.

  • Calibration

  • Brechbuhler Scales offers calibration services on many popular batching and filling solutions.