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Digital Centurion and D410 Indicator Installed by Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. Dayton at Local Aggregate Customer

D410 Indicator

A local aggregate customer built a new pulverizing plant where lime was crushed into powder and bagged for resale. The new plant required new truck scales to handle the amount of traffic and work in conjunction with new load outs controlled by the computer systems. Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. Dayton proposed solution was (5) 108’ B-TEK Digital Centurion Truck Scales with Digital D410 Indicators which would feed data to the customers computer system controlling load outs over each scale. These truck scales were installed last at the new facility, into foundations provided by the customer. Weight being sent to the computer system controls the load out. The traffic lights indicate when the driver can pull on/off the scales.

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Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. Dayton Installs Custom Counting Application for Small Parts

A motion and control technologies company needed a way to package multiple size O-Rings. The current way was becoming a long process and the customer needed a tool that would speed up the packing process. The customer wanted a scale that would be capable of counting very small size O-Rings while keeping track of various different types of data. Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. Dayton proposed a solution for a DD 1010 indicator with a custom counting application capable of communicating with a customer supplied database. This scale would pull data from the database such as piece weight, tare weight, part number, colors, origin and any other data deemed necessary by the customer. When the equipment was implemented, the customer saw a 30% reduction in the amount of time it took for the operator to pack each box for shipping. The equipment was so successful that similar systems were created and implemented in two other locations in Kentucky.

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