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Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. Columbus, Ohio Installs Grain Management System

A large scale framing operation and grain buyer in Washington Court House, Ohio needed to track yields on all of his fields and farms. Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. provided a new B-TEK  72’ X 12’ Digital Centurion Truck Scale with a DD 2050 outdoor color touch screen terminal.

The drivers pull up and place a RFID card next to the terminal to identify their truck. Once the truck has been identified the terminal recalls the information from the last weighment from his truck. If the information is the same as the last weighment the driver simply presses save and all of the data is stored in the terminal and print a ticket. If the information is different the driver selects the proper Farm, Field, Grain type on the color touch screen and presses save. The driver also has the option to enter moisture content and test weight which is used by the terminal to calculate shrinkage once the product dries.

All of the information gathered by the terminal can be downloaded into the Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. provided PC program where it can be exported to excel spread sheets or generate reports.

Because the DD 2050 terminal has a WIFI connection and internal web server the driver also has an option to use any device with a web browser to enter his data into the terminal and never leave his truck. If the driver chooses to do this the ticket is printed on a remote printer in the grain elevators control room where he can retrieve it while he is offloading his product.

The ability to track all of this information with such ease was provided with B-TEK cutting edge technology scale systems.

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Columbus, Ohio Branch Helps Local Chocolate Manufacturer


Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. Columbus, Ohio branch was contacted by a candy manufacturer who required a way to monitor and track usage of chocolate ingredients in 6 large tanks.  Brechbuhler Scales, Inc. and B-TEK Scales, LLC designed and fabricated stainless steel load cell mounts (with a capacity of 25,000 lb) to match the foot print of the tanks supports. After installing and calibrating the scale systems.  Brechbuhler Systems wrote a custom pc program to displaying all 6 weights in real time and record weights at designated intervals to help customer gauge usage.  This program can be accessed by any computer connected to their network. Now the customer can know at any given time how much product is in each tank and review history on each tank to gauge usage over time.

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